About Neo 

Neo Event Engineering is the Amsterdam based specialist in the field of moving technologie for the event industry in the broadest sense. 

With a core team with an academic background and international experience of decades in the entertainment industry, Neo is the ideal partner to turn to for designing, preparing and/or realizing the knowledge-based solutions for the biggest challenges of rigging and construction. 

Whether it's an impressive bridge construction for festival audiences over the very busy double line of car and tramway of  the Spui in The Hague, a computer controlled moving stage or an automated, wireless-operated lift for classical chandeliers in an ancient church, Neo makes it happen. 


The years of experience of Neo run from stage- and scenery construction through rigging to the in-house development of motion-control systems (Neo e-Motion Technology ®), for example, the speed and position controlled opening and closing of large LED displays, the 'flying’ of people or the automated moving of entire podium structures. 

Neo is also in the forefront of the industry when it comes to safety and company certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and SCC ** and has its own well educated and certified employees for inspection and maintenance of lifting and hoisting equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).