Development Stage Lift

The VIP Stage of the 15th edition of the Friends of Amstel Live! (VVAL 2013) was surrounded by audience. The backline changeover had to take place from under the stage. The changeovers of the bands had a high time pressure, some changes had to be made within a few minutes.

For this problem Neo developed a special high speed Stage Lift. The Neo Stage Lift has a modular design out of truss, so the size and capacity can be configured to the needs. To drive the Stage Lift the specially developed Neo Star Winch was used.

For VVAL 2013 finally 2 Stage Elevator configurations were build:

  • The 'VIP lift "with a size of 2.8 x 4 m, a capacity of 750 kg and a height of 3 m, which was bridged within 6,5 s.
  • The "Piano Lift' in the catwalk with a size of 1.6 x 2 m, a capacity of 375 kg and a height of 1.5 m



Concept development in 3D CAD
3D CAD/CAM Engineering of the 'Neo Star Winch'
Working out technical drawings for 'conventional' manufacturing
Production and assembly of parts
Assembly of winches in the workshop
Design of specific configuration for VIP Stage 'VVAL 2013'
Test build, comissionning electronics and testing
Stage Lift in use at VVAL 2013


Testing in workshop